Actionable Impact Management (AIM) is an open source framework for defining an internal organizational method for establishing an enduring data-oriented/outcome-oriented impact measurement process. AIM's objective is to outline a roadmap for your organization to follow in the hopes to reaching a point where you are able to more accurately and effectively communicate your impact to multiple stakeholders.

By Impact Management, we refer to an organization's ability to define an impact framework that is practical and enduring and translate insights through effective communication on impact via your website, reports, content generation, etc.

 This guide is designed for functionality and accessibility of content, complete with instruction and activities to work through the process. In this volume, we convert the groundwork developed in AIM Volume One into sets of carefully crafted and well-defined metrics that measure what matter. By the end of this Volume, we will understand the data needs behind our metrics. In 'Volume Three: Data' we will build a solid plan for data collection, compilation, and analysis.

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