Insuring Shared Value: How Insurers Gain Competitive Advantage by Better Addressing Society's Needs

by Marc Pfitzer; Nina Jais; Flynn Lund; Adam Rodriques

Jun 27, 2017

Insurers benefit from societal advances more than almost any other industry. Reducing accidents, improving health, and helping organizations better prepare for economic risks all improve profits for insurance companies, making it the ultimate shared value industry.

Yet the industry has yet to proactively target the societal conditions that most affect their business.

Featured recently in Harvard Business Review, Insuring Shared Value details how some insurers are reinventing their industry by embedding strategies into their core business models to gain competitive advantage while pursuing large-scale social impact.

Researched in collaboration with Shared Value Initiative, Discovery Vitality, IAG, and Skandia, Insuring Shared Value also offers ideas for how actors such as NGOs and consumer groups can work with insurers to reduce risk and advance their own missions to improve society. Any company that offers insurance to their employees will find valuable information.

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